Blue Pearl

If you Google 'blue pearl' you get a lot of companies/cartoon characters/bands/animal hospitals/etc.

If you hit on 'blue pearl meditation' the Times of India states:

Despite it being tiny, the Blue Pearl is the seed that contains the entire universe. It represents the supra-causal body through which the supra-causal state of consciousness is experienced. It moves like lightening and the seeker can see it emerging from the eyes with rapid speed. Blue Pearl is the vehicle through which the soul leaves the body after death and travels to different astral zones, depending upon one's stage of spiritual evolution.
Swami Muktananda says: "One day, after the Blue Pearl has remained steady for a long time, it will expand infinitely, and its light will fill the universe. Then, with intense wonder, you will see that the whole universe is shimmering and scintillating with the Blue Light. You will realise that you yourself are that light, and the feeling of smallness will vanish once and for all".

We live in a fascinating world.