Nests have been on my mind lately. As with any particular thing that you put your mind to (telephone poles for example), after a certain degree of concentration to detail, it becomes apparent that although they (whatever grouping the mind is contemplating subject wise at the moment) may be the same in purpose and intent they are not the same in all detail. The nest taken apart and looked at separately by its parts, rather than as the whole, and then reassembled really translates back to what interested me before I started thinking about nests - patterns. Although, again the idea of the nest is worthy of contemplation and I haven't finished with it yet.

I was asked to give a workshop at Opus in June, 2013, and thinking on what I could possibly have to offer (collage work at its basics is not a complicated throw this and that together and paste it down on paper...or whatever else you might want to paste with stuff) I decided that the 'idea' was what I would like to discuss with any that chose to participate. I was pleasantly surprised to see that the small but adequate space was nicely filled.

As always the idea is to fill the space without fear. I love Micron pens (I love to draw period...which I am sure I have said more than once on this website) and so with a very fine nib I applied marks to page.Then, for Circus, I chose to cut and paste in tune with the lines but not necessarily to stay out of their way. I used the rhythm of the lines to conduct the flow of the piece with an end result that is full of sound and movement and rather fun...but with a little tension...all the good aspects of a circus. An echo of the original lines can be seen and faintly heard.