That Empty The Heart

Collage/Ink on Paper Size: 6"x8"

So you have action and a full arena and then you have to complement this with a sense of space, and things/items not filled with the day to day stress load. This can both be a sense of emptiness and loss…when you have appreciated something so full and meaningful to you that the essence and sheer disbelief that this could be vanished from view is abhorrent and unbelievable and not 'real.'

But as well, the emptiness of the heart can also bring with it a sense of 'beyond' and an understanding that can only come perhaps with a direct relationship with trauma and the energy that comes with overcoming and dealing head on with the situations confronted and the belief that intrinsically a better outcome will evolve with due care and attention. This is determined by your capability for faith in abilities at hand, and the ever real knowledge that what you put in is what you get out. Life is not all that complicated. It is without doubt, trying on some counts and amazingly wondrous on others.