Fairy Tale (A Veil fell across the land waiting for some body to come to their senses)

In a Fairytale the depiction of mist in the story conveys the magic and potency that is occurring in order to bring about a change. This is the time that the fairies do their work....good and bad not being completely defined (I am not a scholar of such things but I would hazzard a guess that Christianity and other such mechanisms have twisted the lore to depict, as in Sleeping Beauty, that it was this form of system that created the absolutes of Good versus Evil) whereas in a Life Lived fully....we all become acquainted with both sides and all of those in between. Life is not nor ever has been an easy course.

It is a skill to remain or regain or discover the cognitive under the veil of ignorance that Life and humanity purvey.

There is a good reason for the crone in folklore. She is not of a political nature; she is Nature.