Floral 1

Collage, Size: 5"x8"

This is a postcard that I created under the umbrella of Sponsor Representative for the Greater Victoria Performing Arts Festival (GVPAF). I sent all the postcards listed Floral 1 - 5 to different Florists, with hopes that one of them would agree to support this lovely non-profit organization.

It's an olde-fashioned thing to do…to make your own postcards and then mail them…and I think they appreciated the in-kind attention which accompanied my request for sponsorship, as of course it took time and effort to make them.

Just before I made these, a friend sent me an art exhibit programme that she thought would be of interest to me, and it was great to receive something in the mail that wasn't a bill or a solicitation, but was simply sent just for fun. I made the postcards in the same vein as of course perhaps none of the Florists would sponsor, but I hoped they would enjoy the receipt of something individual and hand-made just for them.