I love to draw and simply love drawings, period. Coloured Micron pens - how cool is that! This piece turned my thoughts to Jack Shadbolt who was such a lucscious and remarkable artist. It's all in the details and he made them fresh and alive every time...everything's there and more.

"Transfigured" - A film by Stephen X. Arthur (5:30, 35 mm, 1998) is just fabulous. "Touched Alive was the original name of the earlier short film made by animating 27 paintings of Canadian West-Coast modernist Jack Shadbolt. The one-and-a-half minute film was produced independently by Stephen Arthur in 1996. It was then expanded to a five-minute film, using over 80 paintings, produced and owned by the National Film Board of Canada. The new film, completed in 1998, is called Transfigured."

On Youtube I found: "Life's Imprint: Lithographs by Jack Shadbolt. This half-hour documentary follows Canadian artist Jack Shadbolt over a 9-month period as he worked with lithographer Torrie Groenig to produce a four-part colour lithograph. Footage includes Shadbolt in his now demolished Burnaby home studio, and follows the creative ups and downs of one of Canada's finest Canadian artists, who sadly passed away in 1998.

Originally broadcast on CBC, Bravo!, and Knowledge Network, and produced/directed by John Corry, Bodega Media Ltd., with the support of the National Film Board of Canada and Knowledge Network."

If you click on the addresses below you can see Life's Imprint (in three separate parts) on Youtube.