Painting No. 5 of "The Guiding Thread So show December, 2011.

Immigrant - trade wind - salt and pepper and cinnamon and cacao and rice and coffee. I love limes and sweet peppers. I love apples and oranges. All these wonderful foods brought from different peoples in different parts of the world. How can anyone be angry with people and cultures you sit to table with?

Can you believe that people ever believed that Woman was the devil's apprentice - the temptress - all over an apple...poor apple got a bum wrap...although we know it probably wasn't an apple...because for hundreds (thousands) of years anything that wasn't a berry was considered an 'apple'. Pagan mythologies credited the 'apple' with ensuring the 'gods' were enternally youthful...

Wiki says:  In the wild, apples grow quite readily from seeds. However, like most perennial fruits, apples are ordinarily propagated asexually by grafting. This is because seedling apples are an example of "extreme heterozygotes", in that rather than inheriting DNA from their parents to create a new apple with those characteristics, they are instead different from their parents, sometimes radically.

That is delightful!