I am reading In Monmartre by Sue Roe and it is such a good read. I revisited through this inspiration the work of Maurice de Vlaminck (he was a professional violin player which I had not known before) and the use of colour straight from the tube quickly applied and then set to doing this piece...under the influence of Vlaminck but not obviously a copy of his work.

The idea of focus and what it portrays to the viewer (and says about the artist and or what the artist is trying to convey) is also peeked in this piece. 

It took me four months (not continuously...but rather meditatively and then sporadically working on areas to bring the focus of my intent to life), at least, to paint Infernal Blues. I had a concept that I wanted to illustrate...without making it too simple graphically - there is a more definitive focus to that piece.

It took me one day (granted it is a smaller piece altogether as well) to do The House On The Hill....as it is not about focus at all (or perhaps best put as a lack of focus in any linear sense) but rather about feeling (poetic focus?).

It took me four days to do the original Leaves. Part of this is because I had done the other two pieces (one side of the spectrum to the other) and so my mental state was ready for it. However this is a piece that focuses on what would appear to be a smaller part of the whole...it is a close up...a blow up...with some parts in more focus than others.The use of vivid colour along with line helps to play this. I then changed it....ha! So... after many days of study I realized there was no breathing room for the eye to focus and give relief....so I added white. Not quite sure that I have learned anything truly great...but I have learned something...and that is good.

It is interesting to note that caterpillars and moths both go through the same stages of metamorphosis but that some moths utilize bits of debris and/or leaves and actually use their silk to wrap themselves in a 'nest' to go through their change.