Lessedra 2014 entries

These are my three submissions to the Lessedra Mixed Media competition for 2014 and I was accepted and am in the exhibit which is always fun. This is the year that I am going to really get in to painting and I am looking forward to the challenges. As I write this I note that today is Wassily Kandinsky's 148th birthday (December 16) which is a day well worth celebrating! It also amazes me, as he was born a century and a half ago and still to this day so many people are not tuned in to 'modern' art and rather gravitate to art that is perhaps rendered beautifully but gives you nothing to think about that is new and challenging. I am not saying that beautifully rendered is bad (it is definitely better than horribly rendered)....just simply that inspiration given by a person who was born so long ago has had a huge impact upon me and I rue the fact that more people don't see it my way.....ha!

The news is crazy....people killing children in schools...people killing people in cafes....these people are not thinking in new and challenging ways.