A Little Boy Was In The Forest #1, #2, #3

This is my submission for Lessedra 2019/2020.

The title stems from a painting my oldest son did in kindergarten or Grade 1, which I sadly no longer have and can only access from memory.

I was fascinated by this picture as to me it looked more like an abstract airplane done in blue and black with some areas of red and some of green on the picture plane. It was a puzzle to me as to where the little boy was and what marks represented the forest as nothing looked remotely like a 'tree' although there was 'green' used.

When it was explained to me, it made perfect sense. It was in essence a map. It was an aerial view of a landscape which contained a little boy in the forest. It was abstracted even by which window the viewer was seeing the subject.

I truly love that idea of seeing through a different viewpoint.