A Little Piece of Theatre

This is my chair for "Take A Seat for Habitat" 2016. 100% of the funds from this auction go to Habitat.

I believe 33 artists were invited to volunteer their talents which will be on view at the Mayfair Mall August 13 - 26 - more information can be viewed on the Habitat website:


I chose to do a little theatre piece in the vein of what I used to do quite a few years ago - that is, paint sets for the Oak Bay High Community Theatre Society.

Is this scene a simple romance....two goldfish; one male, one female...he's handsome, she's beautiful....all alone in the pool in an idyllic setting...violins please... OR is it a Thriller? Two simple goldfish alone in a pool with no means of protection whilst Morning Glory insipidly shows her seemingly open and tranquil face when Da Nah! Da Nah! Da Nahhhhhhh! her tentacles reach out and they are never seen again.....? Either way it is a fun little theatre piece and I hope it gains Habitat a few dollars!