Nest 4

This nest was my entry for the second annual Mystery Show at red art gallery on Oak Bay Avenue - June, 2013. All forty works accepted were created 10 X 10 and not signed on the front with the idea that a purchaser would not know who the artist was until after purchase. I like the spirit of this as it is fun-loving and rather in the form of a game and so I was happy to enter a piece that was different altogether from what I entered last year (which was a figurative painting of a Jazz musician playing the piano).

I am rather fond of this little nest as in creating it I realized fully that if I were to do another - by hand - even though it is small I would not be able to create another just like it. And I wouldn't want to. It is drawn with pen on watercolour paper and then acrylic 'dots' were 'collaged' on the work which was then coated with acrylic medium to seal and protect and then mounted on board.