Nest 5

Almost a decade ago I sat down with a couple of my pictorial Art History tombs and drew a set of nine individual faces taken from different classic paintings - all displaying a gamut of emotion and personnae in a sense of theatre. These indeed have proven to be rather popular with students of theatre I have had the good grace to know and share time with.

I note that often my work even when boiled down and abstracted when done in a set or a series, or even singly, will exhibit different attitudes. I am a creature of my environment and my own experience.

There is to me a sense of the beautiful to this nest which is different as for example to the sensibility shown in Nest 4. Beautiful is over-played and under-appreciated in our society. Beauty is something we should all strive to comprehend and create but  it is often difficult to fight the established concept of beauty. Power is misrepresented as beauty. The Queen not showing her true image of the Witch and the Crow.

I do not mean to say that I see the Queen or the Witch in this piece. I think it is beautiful and that it has a sweetness to it and that it is rather hopeful and open.