Nest #6

This is the first painting that I have done for a while and much larger than I usually work (it's 3' X 4') - and I am very proud of it. I have sat before it for a few minutes every day for the last few months. As so often happens... I didn't intend this from the start... but when I had finished, the nest reminded me of bones which then set me to thinking of our bones - the skeleton - as the nest for ourselves and how amazing that is - how supportive (ha!) and how incredible and awe-ing. And the fact again that as do nests our skeletons follow a template but are nonetheless each individual and speak to and tell of the being who inhabits them. And so in a way this is a self-portrait - although in a very general sense because I am a person political who likes abstract. It is as in a forensic slice for the microscopic view....thin and flat on one hand and then not when viewed through a different lense.

And then my thoughts went and now have stayed sitting before this piece, I see that it is definitely personal and not something for everyone or perhaps anyone else. I see that it also makes iconic statement. I grew up fundamentalist Christian and have every respect for persons and people who believe of every system....respect is there for the historical and the individual who believes. Looking at this piece in this way...the crown of glory is the brain and the heart is worn on the sleeve but the brain is centre stage and the bones....the system that holds these parts together... has to be strong and positive and supportive.

Be what you may and what you will as long as you are supportive...and if you want to manipulate me or insist that I be like you or follow your own crede without love for my individuation and if you will not welcome change and the natural evolution of things....and give respect as I give...or strive to give....well to hell with you.