Postcard To The Sun #1

Collage Size: 5"x8"

Group Show - Red Art Gallery - 2011 - Heliolatry

Artists: Marion Evamy, Elizabeth Litton, Carolyn Kowalyk, Lorraine Thorarinson-Betts, Bonnie Helm-Northover. Our theme was ‘Heliolatry’: My slant on heliolatry for the purpose of this show was could argue successfully that anything that grows practices sun worship. Even down in the depths organics are affected by other organics closer to the surface and the sun. The centre boils and pushes up through the layers to the surface. An absence of sun can be a relief and soothing, and an absence of sun can be disheartening and chilling. Context occurs through shading and observation.

Our emotions and our thoughts are influenced and guided by the presence and absence of the sun.