Postcard To The Sun #5

Collage Size: 5"x8"

Group Show - Red Art Gallery - 2011 - Heliolatry

All things at once a Spring day in Victoria wherein you can literally have the warmth from the sun, pelting rain, sleet, more sun, and then a wind that will blow your windows out...all in one day...easily. To enjoy a sunny day with the cherry blossoms is a often it is so dismal out that you cower from home to vehicle to work or whereever you absolutely need to get out of the downward 'pelt' of it...and then one day you look around you and it is snowing cherry petals and the wind is swirling them in drifts at your feet...which is actually very beautiful and entrancing...but at that point I always wish I had paid more attention to them when they were actually stuck to the year...well as I write this I still have maybe this year....