She's Come Undone

Acrylic & Collage, Size: 48"x72"

I recently discovered I had breast cancer and then two operations followed, the second of which was fairly major. There have been times in my life when I, like the song, realized I had come undone. When you unravel it is an amazing thing to see how much of you there is to unravel. Of course when you have an operation they rearrange your parts - they unravel and ‘reravel’ your innards physically - and then it is your job afterwards to ravel yourself back up on a mental/emotional plane while you wait for your body to physically ravel itself up on a different but somehow not so different plane. This is recouping what has been unravelled. What physically is happening to you is not always what is mentally happening to you but then again it is not necessarily so different either. I have recently been reminded that even when you are very young, at a time when you have no say in so many things that occur in your life, your life as you assume it is can be unravelled by others; even those who are very close to you and who care very much for you. The thing to be cognisant of is ownership of that whole ‘lotta’ stuff to unravel and then to ‘reravel’ again. There is beauty in this if you look for it. Regardless of whether or not you see any beauty, it is not boring.