Tones & Shades

In this piece I revisited a more architectural concept: the bones are drawn in and then the details are worked with attention to allowing space for the structure. There is a musical sensibility in the mathematics and colour of course plays a large part in this.

There is always a problem to solve when making a piece, and often many problems to solve or reconcile or to choose not to reconcile because that in itself solves the problem at hand. Each piece has its own character and how substantial that character depends upon the commitment to solve or represent honestly the concept. 

I am not adverse to beauty and embrace it - but I always too want to see some mental acuity and am most moved by art that does not pretend to the Muse but rather honestly engages in a  direct conversation and storytelling with the imagined audience (that audience initially being oneself), albeit perhaps not in an obvious way. A single stroke for each thought is perhaps unattainable (especially for me as I am a mistress of the scribble in both mind and actuation) - but still a greatly fun goal and adventure well pursued. Reversely the creation of a complete thought is penultimate.