A Note From The Artist

Art is about relationship: relationship negative and positive to the world and to ourselves and to the space inhabited.
Architecture in its pure form: the theories of relativity - how everything works together - the mystery and pursuit of knowledge - problem solving - energy - dedication - contribution - commitment - purpose - humour.

Organized random is appealing: order from chaos; the tension and extension created by looping back and seeing the same images differently: the dimension of objects, and their relationship, and their dialogue.

Art is cerebral, Art is emotional, Art is political.

I love possibility through ideas and experience creatively when I contribute.

I am an AFCA Member of the Federation of Canadian Artists. For fuller information please visit:  http://www.artists.ca/federation_membership

Sharing inspiration here:  http://www.movingpoems.com/poet/anne-carson/

The Glass Essay by Anne Carson is brilliant:


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