The Earth Warms

Collage, Size: 7½"x11½"

Here again is a piece that I include in my portfolio without really knowing that I 'like' it. Something about it I like or I would not have created it. At base this is about Earth nudging in to spring season. There are underlying forces waiting to emerge.

I made this beforehand, but: I have found it interesting in the last few months to have experienced challenges for artistic integrity. This has been both horrendously deflating and amusing. A person should push past personal boundaries, if they can go that path, and embrace being unacceptable at times, without putting up barriers and without defending the bastion of ego (oh Freud please sit down).

I am more than capable of defending any bastion that I attend. But I don't need to or rather I don't have to. It is of more interest, to me, in the long run, to absorb the reason for creating defence and then interpret my reactions. Winning is relative learning is everything. There is a difference between negative words and words that are conveyed because of an interest in idea process which might consist of negative elements. It isn't possible to follow every road and irregardless of whether or not it is the road less travelled…it simply makes sense to pay due and proper care and attention to the road travelled presently.

Note: Although we are at base equal parts of this warm earth and deserve equal respect and honest affection, some people are simply assholes.